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Web Site Policies

As you access the Low Vision Learning Center web site, we ask that you keep the following in mind.

Web Site Content:

We strive to have useful, timely information on our site.  However, sometimes the world changes faster than we do, and sometimes we just make mistakes.  So we can't guarantee that all the information on this site is accurate and up to date.  Please satisfy yourself that the information you get from our site is correct before you rely on it.

Intellectual Property:

LVLC respects the intellectual property rights of others, and encourages you to do the same.  You may copy the information you find on our site and pass it on to your family and friends for non-commercial purposes. Please give credit where credit is due by identifying the source of any material you distribute.   You may not copy or distribute material from our web site for commercial purposes.

You may link from your web site to ours, as long as your references to LVLC are in a context that reflects credit on our organization and does not seem to imply endorsement by LVLC of your site, products, or advertisers.  Note that the content and organization of our web site may change from time to time.  It is your responsibility to be sure that any links you create remain appropriate if we make changes to our web site in the future.

We respect your intellectual property.  If you believe that anything on our web site infringes your copyright or other intellectual property rights, please contact us so we can address the issue.

External References:

Our web site refers to many people, organizations, companies, and web sites which are not a part of, and are not connected with, the Low Vision Center.  We call these "external references."  We hope these references help you find information, services, and products you can use.  However, we do not control the people, groups, or web sites which are not part of LVC, and in many cases we have only limited familiarity with them.  An external reference is not an endorsement.  You should use your own best judgment when deciding whether to rely on information or deal with people or organizations you find through our external references.

LVC does not trade link references.  Wether or not a web site links to our site is not a consideration when we decide whether or not to refer to that web site from the LVC site.

Your Privacy:

We do not currently use our web site to gather any personally identifiable information about you.  Unless you choose to contact us, such as by sending us an e-mail message, you can browse our web site without providing any personally identifiable information.

Our web hosting service maintains the log files typically maintained by a web server.  The log files show when a web page is accessed, the IP address of the computer accessing it, the type of web browser you are using, and other technical information.  The log files remain available to LVLC for about two weeks.  LVLC does not currently make any use of these log files.

Policies last updated January 23, 2007.

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