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Merchandise Return Policy

If you buy a new magnifier or other low vision aid from the Low Vision Center, please be aware of the following.

Defective Merchandise:

We will return 100% of your money or exchange the defective magnifier for a new one, within 30 days of purchase.  However, the original packaging must be included as part of the return.

Other Returns:

We are unable to accept returns of magnifiers or non-optical aids once they leave our office, if that return is due to any reason other than defectiveness.  This is due to our non-profit status and the agreement we have with the manufacturers of the products we demonstrate. Please be sure that the magnifier or low vision aid you purchase is truly the one you want.

Eschenbach Magnifiers Only:

The Eschenbach company policy accepts returns only of defective magnifiers.  However, our agreement with them allows us to return Eschenbach magnifiers that are delivered to our Low Vision Center office and receipt of the magnifier rejected here rather than at your home.  Eschenbach will only accept return of magnifiers handled that way.  They charge a 15% restocking fee for accepting that return.  So if you have any doubts concerning your Eschenbach purchase, please arrange to pick up your magnifier in our office rather than having it sent to your home.  By doing that, you can try the magnifier one more time before you take it home and avoid the disappointment of not being able to return it unless it is defective.