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Our Mission

Our mission at the
Low Vision Center
is to help people with low vision discover the aids and strategies that will help them lead a full, happy, and independent life.

Contact LVC

For more information on low vision,
contact us at

4905 Del Ray Avenue, Suite 504
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-951-4444
E-mail: LowVisionCtr@aol.com

Office Hours

The Low Vision Center is not a store; there are no set walk-in hours.  The LVC staff is often out in the community providing outreach presentations, demonstrations, and workshops.  It is highly recommended that you call prior to coming to the Low Vision Center for any reason to ensure a staff member is available to assist you.

To Make an Appointment

Appointments are needed to visit LVC, are free of charge and available Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  A typical appointment lasts about 1 to 1 1/2 hours and may include discussion of lighting and contrast, hands-on demonstration of hand-held magnifiers and CCTVs, and a chance to explore daily life aids such as talking clocks, writing guides, and touch enhancements.  Please call us today at 301-951-4444 to schedule an appointment for you or your loved one.  If no one is available to answer the phone when you call, please leave a message so we can get back to you.

Inclement WeatherPolicy

If Montgomery County Public Schools are closed due to a weather emergency, the Low Vision Center will also be closed.  If inclement weather makes it imprudent for you to keep a scheduled appointment, please call us to reschedule.

Credit Card Notice

We can't process credit or debit cards.  If you might want to buy a magnifier or other low vision aid during your visit to LVC, please bring your checkbook or cash with you.  By avoiding the costs of handling credit cards, we are able to devote more of our limited resources to serving our clients.

Directions to LVC

Office hours are by appointment only.  Please call for an appointment before coming to the Low Vision Center.

By Car

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 Picture of 4905 Del Ray Avenue
Our building, seen looking west across Del Ray Avenue.  The parking garage is to the left.


Metered on-street parking is available in front of our building and on nearby streets.  Metered parking is also available in Montgomery County's Bethesda parking garage #36, which has an entrance on Del Ray Avenue just south of the Low Vision Center, on the same side of the street.  Parking meters accept quarters at the rate of $2.25 per hour on the street, $1.00 per hour in the garage.  Note that some spaces are reserved for short term parking, with meters that allow a maximum of one or two hours, depending on the space.  Meters on the street (but not in the garage) also accept payment by credit card.  Vehicles displaying a valid handicap tag or placard may park free at any metered space for up to double the normal time limit for the space or four hours, whichever is less.  There are reserved handicap parking spaces on the lowest level of the garage, just inside the Del Ray Avenue entrance.

By Metro

The Low Vision Center is about seven blocks (a little over a half mile) from the Bethesda Station on the Metrorail red line.  From the Metrorail station, you can either walk or take the free Bethesda Circulator bus.

To walk from the Bethesda Metrorail station, after exiting through the fare gate, go up both escalators and cross Old Georgetown Road at the traffic signal, ahead and a little to the right of the top of the escalator.  Continue two blocks north on Wisconsin Avenue to Norfolk Avenue.  Turn left on Norfolk Avenue and walk five short blocks west to Del Ray Avenue.  Cross Del Ray Avenue, turn left, and go a short distance south to number 4905.  The address is on the mat in front of the door.  The number "4905" is also on the wall above the doorway arch.

To take the Bethesda Circulator bus, after exiting through the Metrorail fare gate, go up the first (long) escalator then walk to the left of the fountain beside the street level escalator and follow the pavement as it turns left along the far side of the bus stop area.  The Circulator bus stop is the only bus stop on this lane.  It has a Bethesda Circulator sign on a pole at the head of the bus stop and another painted on a concrete pillar near the back of the bus stop.  The Circulator is usually a medium sized red bus that says "free" in big letters on the side.  A bus departs about once every ten minutes.

After leaving the Metrorail station, The bus will turn left on Old Georgetown Road.  After the bus crosses Cordell Avenue (after six blocks), alight at the next stop (between Cordell Avenue and Del Ray Avenue).  The Benson Animal Hospital, a two-story light tan building set slightly back from the sidewalk, is on the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Cordell Avenue, on your right just after the bus crosses Cordell Avenue.  The bus stop is just past the animal hospital.  A bench by the bus stop has a backrest in the form of a brown Bassett hound lying down with its head up.  After alighting from the bus, continue walking along Old Georgetown Road in the direction the bus was going to the next corner, Del Ray Avenue.  Cross Del Ray Avenue and turn right (north).  Continue north along Del Ray Avenue past the County parking garage to 4905 Del Ray Avenue on your left, between the barber shop and the oriental rug store.  The address is on the mat in front of the door.  The number "4905" is also on the wall above the doorway arch.

To return to the Metrorail station after your visit to the Low VisionCenter, board the Circulator bus at the same stop where you alighted, going in the same direction as the bus on which you arrived.  The Circulator bus makes a loop and will eventually return you to the Bethesda Metrorail station.

Select this link to see a map of the Bethesda Circulator route.

When you arrive at our building:

Enter the front door and find the elevators, on your right near the back of the lobby.  Take the elevator to the fifth (top) floor.  Turn right when leaving the elevator and walk a short distance to suite 504, the third door on your left.  If you have an appointment, come right in!

If you have any trouble finding the Low Vision Center, please call us at 301-951-4444.  (Don't use the telephone while you're driving, though!)

Low Vision Center Board of Directors

September 2018:
  • Sherry Stein (President)
  • Rev. Mansfield (Kasey) Kaseman
  • Dr. Stephan Pappas, Jr.
  • Moira Williams

Low Vision Center Staff:

  • Terry Eason (Executive Director)
  • Dottie Cornwell (Program Director)